Pay Less for Clean “Source Separated Loads”

The highest rates of recycling and the lowest cost can be attained when you “source separate” materials at your job site. You can keep separate dumpsters for clean concrete, wood, metal, soil, etc. at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) helps builders comply with California’s CALGreen building requirements and meet the national LEED Building standards. Our offers discounted rates for clean loads containing source separated wood, concrete, asphalt, or soil.

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The CRV redemption center is located behind the Last Chance Mercantile and pays cash for beverage containers labeled “CRV Refund Value”. These include beverage containers for drinks such as soda, beer, water, etc. Please remove caps from containers before arriving at the redemption center to minimize containers contacting residual liquid.

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Our free drop-off recycling area accepts the following items: Mixed paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and containers # 1-5, metal containers and scrap metal including water heaters. Appliances are not accepted at recycling drop-off area; they must be taken to the scales.

Electronic Waste Recycling

In accordance with California State law, electronic waste, known as e-waste, may not be disposed of in the trash. The program’s goal is to keep toxic material out of the Monterey Peninsula Landfill. Computer monitors and TVs with CRTs contain 5-8 lbs of lead, as well as mercury, arsenic, and other heavy metals and chemicals. Hazardous materials collected are disposed of safely, and plastic glass and metal components are recycled or reused.
e-Recycling of California, the Bay Area recycler we send e-waste to, has achieved a 98% recycling rate for electronic items. They assure that all media and information containing devices are destroyed and recycled following FACTA guidelines.

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Appliances with and without refrigerant are received at the MRWMD scales. Fees can be found in the Disposal Fee Guide.

Batteries can be brought to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility for recycling. Check our HHW Facility Brochure for additional information. For collection of batteries in your community check the following for information: Curbside Battery Collection

Electronics (e.g. televisions, computers, microwaves, etc.) are accepted at the Last Chance Mercantile for free recycling. They are sent to e-Recycling of California for safe recycling. (It is illegal to dispose of electronic waste items in the trash.)

Mattresses & Box Springs are free for residents (Limit 5) to recycle and $5 per mattress and box springs for commercial haulers to recycle. They must be brought to MRWMD scales. To learn more California’s Mattress Recycling Program visit

Special Event Recycling

As you plan your next community event and are thinking about making it more sustainable, the District can support your efforts in waste reduction strategies and waste diversion of recyclable and compostable materials.

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