Sheet mulching workshop

Learn How to Garden Greener

Monterey Regional Waste Management Districts offers free workshops and events through out the year so you can learn the benefits and basics of home composting and green gardening. Check out and register for an upcoming workshop.

Compost And Green Gardening Workshops

Workshops are free, and generally held at the District facilities in Marina. They last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and include a presentation and “hands-on” demonstration.

Workshops, unless otherwise noted are designed for an adult audience.

Basic Home Composting Workshop

Through presentation and hands-on demonstrations participants will learn the basics of composting including: choosing a compost system, what to compost, how to make and maintain a compost pile or bin, and the harvesting and use of the finished compost in your landscape and garden.

Vermicomposting (Composting With Earthworms)

Vermicomposting puts nature’s decomposers (earthworms) to work for you. Learn how to compost your food scraps using only a small, closed container. Perfect for those who live in small spaces or don’t have a big yard to compost to.

Sheet Mulching Workshop Or “Lose Your Lawn The Bay-Friendly Way”

$ave money, time, water usage, deter weeds, freshen your landscape, and help waste diversion in your local communities. Learn how to use cardboard, compost, wood chips and a little “elbow grease”, for an effective landscape treatment, called “sheet mulching”. It is an affordable, DIY project you can use to replace lawns, make garden paths, and/or even attractively cover a “weedy patch” in your yard.



Why Compost?

“Rot happens”, but with a little help from us, and a home compost system or backyard pile we can speed up the process, turning “garbage into gold” for our gardens, our wallets and our planet.

Reducing the use of valuable landfill space.

When studying California’s waste stream it has been approximated that 33% of organic material from homes and businesses go to landfills. By keeping the organic material out of our landfills and composting it, we help our cities and counties meet the requirements of state mandated waste reductions laws; AB 939 and AB341.

The benefits of using compost in our gardens includes:

  • Returns nutrients and adds beneficial organisms to the soil
  • Improves soil structure
  • Improves water retention of the soil, and thus water conservation
  • Healthier plants
  • Reduces unnecessary use of fertilizers and toxic pesticides, reducing polluted run off.
  • Saves you money


Food Scrap Compost Program Guidelines

Home Composting Brochure

Vermicomposting Brochure

Worm Resources

Landscape and Composting Products

Helpful Books on Composting:

The Complete Compost Gardening Guide, 2008. Barbara Pleasant & Deb Martin
Let It Rot!, 1998. Stu Campbell
Worms Eat My Garbage, 1997. Mary Applehof
Teaming with Microbes- A Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web, 2006. Lownfels & Lewis





Haulers for information on green waste collection, commercial food scrap collection and residential compost bin availability:

Waste Management Inc. – www.wm.com/ / 831-384-5000

Monterey City Disposal – www.montereydisposal.com / (831) 372-7977

Republic Services Salinas – www.republicservicessalinas.com / (831) 775-3840

*MRWMD Service Area Includes the following jurisdictions:

Moss Landing, Castroville, Marina, Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, Sand City, Monterey, Monterey-Salinas Highway area, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Unincorporated Carmel, Carmel Valley, Carmel Highlands, and Big Sur